Winnipeg-born Victoria Pereira completed her studies in Rhetoric, Writing & Communications at the University of Winnipeg. She specializes in editorial writing, social media management, and photography.

When it comes to storytelling, her mission is to respect readers while making a true connection with them. Her most recent editorial work was featured in Uniter.

She became interested in social media work as it became a resourceful tool for exposing her photography brand. Her experience managing social media platforms for the hospitality industry, for the University of Winnipeg, and for her own business, has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to successfully generate positive and engaging online presences.

Although well-versed in digital mediums, her appetite for a more challenging medium urged her passion towards film photography. Her creativity is driven by the need to capture people and an aesthetically pleasing reality.

On her spare time, she shares women’s experiences and life advice on her blog, Electric Women. 

Her intention is to continue exploring her hobbies, and to keep creating work that has initiatives she believes in. 








Winnipeg, MB. Canada